Our tire inflation technology

We have American non-deflating tire inflation technology that makes your equipment run on extreme terrain with no maintenance downtime! Through the Gripmaster brand, Laguna Pneus, is today one of the only companies in Brazil to offer this solution that is 100% sustainable and properly licensed by environmental agencies.



  • Longer product durability due to high compost quality.
  • Technology and equipment are 100% American.
  • Department of technicians and engineers focused on solution development.


Why use 3S Solution?

Because it eliminates the need for a tire eraser for tire repair, calibration or constant cleaning of the terrain the machine is operating. Also, we call it 3S because it is:

  • Solid:It has a great resistance against impacts, cuts and structural damage.
  • Safety: Safe from pressure loss and risks associated with inflated tires.
  • Soft Ride:It has the same feel of riding on pneumatic tires, providing a comfortable ride for the operator of the equipment and eliminating heavy suspension wear.



Our tire inflation service is applicable on all types of machinery and equipment.


Benefits 3S Solution


Benefits Tires with 3S Solution Solid tires Treadmills Pneumatic tires
Eliminates cost machine downtime                 X         X     X  
Reduces impact and equipment damage                 X                   X
Maintains the properties of an indefinitely calibrated tire                 X         X     X  
Increases operator efficiency                 X         X    
Reduces risk of operator fatigue                 X                  X
Minimizes uneven tread wear                 X         X    
Adds stability                 X         X     X  
Increases tire life                 X         X    
Reduce maintenance cost                 X         X     X  
                X         X                X
May be reusable                 X         X                X
Used on rough and severe floors                 X         X    
Improves tread wear                 X      
Meets environmental standards OSHA                 X         X     X              X


100% Sustainable

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), about one billion tires reach the end of their lives each year. Sustainability in the tire and polyurethane industries is a topic that attracts a lot of public attention. Tires are seen as one of the problematic sources of waste because of the alarming amount of fossil fuels.

The system we use reuses and recycles 100% of the Gripmaster 3S Solution product, eliminating the need for landfill disposal resulting in resource conservation and value creation.

We are committed to minimizing the consumption of non-renewable raw materials and maximizing value creation for our customers and environmental stakeholders.

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