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Since 2005, Gripmaster has been accumulating a vast experience in the off-road and industrial tire market, becoming a traditional brand for its customers all over the world.

With exclusive designs and rubber compounds, Gripmaster aims to offer the best performance wherever the customer is, always looking for innovative solutions to develop the perfect tire, allowing customers to achieve the best performance in their off-road.

Our raw materials are tested and approved by the world's most renowned factories. Compound testing is carried out at extreme stress and tire production is carried out in state-of-the-art plants and with first-rate machinery. All this to ensure the highest quality products and maximum performance, considering the particularity of each machine in the most distinct segments, such as: agriculture, construction, mining, port and general cargo handling.

Aware of the vast off-road tire market, our countless product portfolio has been carefully developed for different applications and conditions, so we are able to provide the best tires to a wide customer base and from different types of off-road tire segments.

To support this broad portfolio, we have production plants in India and China, countries that lead in quality and manufacturing capacity. In addition to the production facilities, we have offices in Hong Kong and Brazil, to further expand our communication channels and get closer to distributors and customers.

Another essential pillar of our business is to maintain partnership with the best distributors in the market, preserving their sales channel, providing the necessary support to ensure not only excellence in product quality but also the best service to achieve total customer satisfaction. Always in an ethical and transparent manner, we constantly follow our values in order to improve daily the quality of our relationships.

We at Gripmaster look for exclusive partners with the same high quality standards and guarantee all the necessary support, so that together we can keep Gripmaster as a global reference brand in the off-road tire market.

We seek continuous and daily improvement so that we can maintain the most ethical and transparent relationship possible with our partners and customers.

We are committed to developing the best tires, always respecting the environment and worrying about social welfare.

To Develop the perfect tire with the best quality and in a sustainable way, seeking to offer the ideal tire for your machine to work more efficiently and more effectively, uninterruptedly.
To be a global brand, offer the perfect tire with unparalleled performance for your machines.
To Focus on Customer Satisfaction. To Conduct business with integrity, ethics and respect. To Develop a culture of innovation in all aspects of the business. To be committed to developing the best tires, always respecting the environment and worrying about social welfare. To Use the pillars of sustainability to make decisions in the short, medium and long term.